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British Prime Minister David Cameron cites Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his plea for Scotland to remain part of the UK


In a passionate speech delivered at the Olympic Park in London on 7 February 2014, David Cameron had this to say about the importance to the UK of such successful TV series as the BBC’s Sherlock.

“And make no mistake: we matter more as a United Kingdom – politically, militarily, diplomatically and culturally too. And our reach – our reach is about so much more than military might; it’s about our music, our film, our TV, our fashion. The UK is the soft power superpower. You get teenagers in Tokyo and Sydney listening to Emeli Sandé. You get people in Kazakhstan and Taiwan watching BBC exports like Sherlock; there’s a good example. Written by a Scot a hundred years ago, played by an Englishman today and created for TV by a Scotsman.”


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